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Blazing fiery flame divine

You are shattered

You are pieces

But you know it’s by design

Your fearlessness

Comes through the knowing

That fractured is a holy state

Beneath the vanquished

Outer shell

There lies the chance to recreate

Strength comes from change

Life grows from death

This is the lesson you deliver

The greatest darkness

You endure

To teach us how to be light givers

Detachment and failure


But now I freely can embrace

You are the Phoenix

In destruction

For destruction is eternal grace

Entangled Humanity

We wish for the depraved

To become subjected

To the pain and suffering

Of their own depravity

The wild-eyed hatred

Disconnected from self

Deeply rooted and tethered

In the bewildering shame

The pain that was “ours”

Is transferred to “theirs”

The anger we plant

Darkens our existence

The path is cyclical

The suffering real

What is the lesson

In a distorted reality?

Searching for meaning

But without justice

Pleading for a reason

Without prayers for redemption

Eternal loneliness

Is all that exists

When choosing to repeat

The shattering of spirits

Entangled humanity

In perceived separation

Can only find healing

Upon total absolution

A Message from the Winged Sisters

A solitary songbird chirps in the paned glass

As if to participate in our celebration

To call us to attention

To ground us in focus and clarity

The chirping mechanizes

And the angels speak through the pipes

“The birds were created for a singular task

To emanate the sound of joy

“Through the grace of music

We mimic the birds

We mimic so that you may remember

So you know why you are here

“You never stop to listen to them

But they are always teaching

Their lesson is simple and absolute:

There is joy in love

Keep your heart light,

Like our soft feathers

And remember that you came to teach

That only love is real.”

Limitless Artistry

Ivory hands caress the soil

With tenderness and femininity

Co-authoring the scenery of life

What blooms later sustains us

Jet black corkscrews wrapped in satin

Razor blades and a steady grip

Restoring confidence in the despondent

Embracing the exterior pulchritude

Words with the weight of a roaring sea

Mightily cast to millions of devotees

Inspiring one foot in front of the other

Teaching us of our particularity

Jocularly observant and ironic

Droplets descending down the cheek

Jovial pains wildly shake the belly

As laughter delights in the present

Imagination alters the once barren landscape

Reaching skyward beyond the treetops

Beaming edifices boldly towering

Supplying shelter to embodied spirits

To each their own kind

But every kind essential

Not a solitary soul misplaced

Each one purposeful and enriching