Manifesting Love and Embracing the Sacred Feminine

Manifesting Love and Embracing the Sacred Feminine

All of us are pilgrims on a journey striving to understand and manifest love in our lives. It does not matter what religion we participate in, or if we even believe in God. Every being in creation has the single goal of love. This site will be dedicated to discussing spirituality from a predominantly Christian but sincerely ecumenical perspective, as a means to help people find their own inspiration and bring about the Kingdom of Heaven in them. Special attention will be paid to the perspective of women and feminism, as the voice of women is stifled in most major religions. These words are not meant to be divisive, but rather unitive, so anything that may seem offensive is completely unintentional, and constructive criticism is welcome.

“Unprodigal daughter, and I’m heading for the west. Disenchanted daughter, and this plane cannot fly fast enough. Unencumbered daughter, hit the ground running at last. I’d invite you but I’m busy being unoppressed.” -Alanis Morissette

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