Author: Unprodigal Daughter

Chata-Ohne Chata-ah: Mother-God’s Rainbow

Thousands in slumber await a sound

It stirs in them something new

Yet “new” is ancient, infinite

The first of them begins to crawl


The vibration rises

The blind can see

An omnipresent rainbow thread—

The prism frees

She leads the train

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

A path to love

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

What is true always prevails

And you can ride along


Then the thousands stand up

She calls them by name

She breaks all barriers

She makes new hearts of green


The vibration rises

The deaf can hear

A Mother call out to them

The change is near


She leads the train

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

A path to love

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

What is true always prevails

And you can ride along


Awakened now, we see the truth

With every hue, with every shade

Agape love, for one and all

Heaven on earth has finally come


The vibration rises

All hearts unfold

The rainbow sheet envelops us

Wary to bold


She leads the train

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

A path to love

Chata-ohne Chata-ah

What is true always prevails

And you can ride along




Blazing fiery flame divine

You are shattered

You are pieces

But you know it’s by design

Your fearlessness

Comes through the knowing

That fractured is a holy state

Beneath the vanquished

Outer shell

There lies the chance to recreate

Strength comes from change

Life grows from death

This is the lesson you deliver

The greatest darkness

You endure

To teach us how to be light givers

Detachment and failure


But now I freely can embrace

You are the Phoenix

In destruction

For destruction is eternal grace

Entangled Humanity

We wish for the depraved

To become subjected

To the pain and suffering

Of their own depravity

The wild-eyed hatred

Disconnected from self

Deeply rooted and tethered

In the bewildering shame

The pain that was “ours”

Is transferred to “theirs”

The anger we plant

Darkens our existence

The path is cyclical

The suffering real

What is the lesson

In a distorted reality?

Searching for meaning

But without justice

Pleading for a reason

Without prayers for redemption

Eternal loneliness

Is all that exists

When choosing to repeat

The shattering of spirits

Entangled humanity

In perceived separation

Can only find healing

Upon total absolution

See Only Love

When we are born, we fall asleep

A dream of forgetting becomes our world

We want to go home and we are lost

We cannot recall our destination

We create crisis and conflict

And only believe what we see

Swaddled in the doubt of rights and wrongs

Intertwined with the thick and heavy

A concoction of opinions and teams

A lie of loneliness and reclusiveness

A fear of the deception of death

A conviction for what is unreal

But we do not need to validate

Embrace of the unreal is unnecessary

Entertaining separation lacks value

Because separation values only lack

We are made of power and might

We come from the root of Infinite Potency

If we wish to remember who we truly are

We must take back our power

The dream cannot harm us

In the embrace of the Ultimate Reality

To wake up from the dream

We must see only love

Sing of Mary

This morning I felt called to listen to Marian hymns. One song that I have always loved since childhood was “Sing of Mary” by Roland Palmer (1938). However, as I get older I find myself more and more troubled by the language. The spirit of the hymn is beautiful, but I decided to rewrite it with updated language.


Sing of Mary, pure and loving

Gentle mother, evermore

Sing of God’s own Son, ascended

Mary’s Son opened up the door

Tenderest child of tenderest mother,

Holy Master who came to earth

Christ demonstrated our True Nature

Wisest of teachers since his birth


Sing of Jesus, Son of Mary

Wandering in Nazareth

Waking us up to the Oneness in us

Fearless he was, of even death

Constant was the love they showed us

Even when friends had left his side

Teaching us that we are all eternal

Showing us love when crucified

Glory be to the Creator,

Glory be to the Holy Son,

Glory be to the Holy Spirit,

Glory to all—we are all One.

Gratitude for Blessed Mary

Gratitude for what is True

Gratitude for every lesson

Gratitude for me and you


A Message from the Winged Sisters

A solitary songbird chirps in the paned glass

As if to participate in our celebration

To call us to attention

To ground us in focus and clarity

The chirping mechanizes

And the angels speak through the pipes

“The birds were created for a singular task

To emanate the sound of joy

“Through the grace of music

We mimic the birds

We mimic so that you may remember

So you know why you are here

“You never stop to listen to them

But they are always teaching

Their lesson is simple and absolute:

There is joy in love

Keep your heart light,

Like our soft feathers

And remember that you came to teach

That only love is real.”

Dark Night of the Soul

Deep in the darkness

your heart may lurk

solitary, frozen, fearful

despair feels somehow restorative

The fantasies come along

An existence absence of you

The sadness thick; isolation never-ending

Every door on which you knock is closed

The intensity of the thoughts thicken

You are but a wretched person

You have solely yourself

Insignificant in the universe

You begin to question

Why did I come

This could not have been a choice

Anything else would have been better

The ego moves you slow like molasses

You forget who you are

You slip farther away

You feel comfort in the cavern

The earth shakes; you have hit the bottom

As your body slams onto the earth

A singular thought arises

I do not want to be with myself any more

Something curious happens

The thought makes you realize

You are not the sum of your experience

Who is “you”? Who is “yourself”?

An awareness of distinction

Clears your skies of consciousness

The dark sky altered your perception

But abruptly you have shifted

Grasping the blackness

Amplifies the beauty of the light

One cannot exist without the other

Harmoniousness becomes you

Your radiant glow spreads

To the totality of what your touch

And your dark night of the soul

Brings others into their beauty

A blessing in disguise

A deliverance from terror

The experience assists you

And millions will learn from you